Multi-Sensory Hall

Is your loved one seeing the world as a fragmented and confusing place? Most seniors with Dementia/Alzheimer’s experience isolation, confusion and sensory deprivation. Let us help you and your loved one.

Introducing Chateau Madeleine Multi-Sensory therapy Hall 

Our Memory Care programs are designed to promote sensory stimulation...Such as taste, smell, vision, hearing and touch. The Sensory Hall promotes tactile, auditory and visual senses to engage touch based activities that occupy the hands, focus the mind and redirect nervous or anxious energy.


  • Stimulating the primary senses, hearing, touching, smelling and seeing
  • Calming seniors with Dementia/Alzheimer’s when they are stressed and increases their range of motion
  • Providing a great environment for bonding between a senior with Alzheimer and his or her caregiver and family members