Stella Tobin

Position: Director of Activities & Recreation

Stella is known for her tireless energy and zeal that is devoted to our residents, in order that they may continue living lives full of activities and purpose. She is grateful to be involved in bringing Chateau Madeleine’s cherished residents fun, arts, culture, live music, social events, exercise, hobbies and community contribution right to their doorstep! Originally from England, Stella obtained a BA (hons) Design Degree from Nottingham Trent University, UK. Straight out of college, she eagerly jumped at an opportunity to be a Knitwear Designer in Peru, SA. Both in the shanty towns of Lima and the Mountainous areas of Arequipa, Stella worked to help underprivileged women to utilize their remarkable textile skills to provide income for their families. After visiting the USA, Stella made it her home and is still here 24 years later! Recently she became a fully fledged US citizen and both her and her Californian, Football Coach husband are the proud parents of their US Army son, Anton. When asked about her experience, Stella said “I believe that all the varied and unique experiences I have had in life, have lead up to this moment, giving me this wonderful opportunity to be involved in enhancing the lives of our Chateau Madeleine beloved residents. I find it very fulfilling to be a part of bringing interesting and varied activities to our residents lives. The residents have become just like my ‘friends and family’ and totally forget the word “work” as it’s a true JOY for me to see their smiles and hear laughter.”