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Levels of Care

As part of our commitment to help residents aging in place, Chateau Madeleine offers Assisted Living and Limited Nursing Services.

Understanding Assisted Living Services

*Basic Assisted Living Facility services (ALF) include:

  • Housing, nutritional meals, and special diets
  • Help with the activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, eating, walking)
  • Giving medications (by a nurse employed at the facility)
  • Assisting residents to take their own medications
  • Supervising residents
  • Arranging for health care services
  • Providing or arranging for transportation to health care services
  • Health monitoring

Understanding Limited Nursing Services specialty license:

Limited Nursing Services: A limited nursing services (LNS) specialty license enables an Assisted Living community to provide a select number of nursing services in addition to the personal services that are authorized by the standard license. The nursing services authorized to be provided under this license may only be provided as authorized by a licensed practitioner’s order. A nursing assessment that describes the type, amount, duration, scope, and outcomes of services, and the general status of the resident’s health, is required for a resident who receives a limited nursing service. An LNS licensee is subject to monitoring inspections by AHCA or its agents at least twice a year. *An ALF with a limited nursing services license provides the basic services of an assisted living facility as well as additional nursing services. Some of the limited nursing services are:

  • Nursing assessments
  • Care and application of routine dressings
  • Care of casts, braces, and splints
  • Administration and regulation of portable oxygen
  • Catheter, colostomy, and ileostomy care and maintenance
  • Application of cold or heat treatments, passive range of motion exercises, ear and eye irrigation

Chateau Madeleine nursing team creates a Personalized Care Plan (PCP)
to customize each resident’s care services.