Juan Orihuela

Position: Director of Facility Operations

Juan was born in Lima, Peru. At 13 years old, I entered the Military High School “Leoncio Prado” graduating in 1971. In 1973 Juan went into the Peruvian Air Force Academy and graduated in 1975. I left there at the rank of Major. Within the United States, I had the opportunity to study psychological operations in Fort Benning, Columbus, GA. I decided to immigrate to the United States with my family where I obtained my USA Airline Transport Pilot Multi Engine Land license from the Federal Aviation Administration in 1991. Life took me in a different direction when in 1991, I began working at Walt Disney World gaining experience in customer service and the hotel industry. We found our own Transportation LLC company until an opportunity opened up at Chateau Madeleine in which I decided to join this excellent team and put into practice my excellent customer service skills and hotel experience.