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45,000 lb Generator at Chateau Madeleine

G E N E R A T O R • P O W E R
Photos of our 45,000 lb generator being delivered to Chateau Madeleine!
There are newly established generator laws for nursing facilities and assisted–living facilities.” On March 26 of this year, Gov. Rick Scott signed Senate Bill 7028 and House Bill 7079, which make permanent the emergency rules requiring every nursing home and assisted–living facility in Florida to have emergency generators to keep residents safe during a possible weather event or periods with prolonged power outage.
“We are going above and beyond the standard measure. Dr. Hardoon has put the entire community on generator power,” said Aylward. He added, “Technically, we only had to do the common areas throughout the community. But we have made it so every single apartment has full power 24/7, full power everywhere. So we have far exceeded the minimum requirement by the state. We are at the maximum.”
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